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Our Charity divsion is our anchor. Over the last 3 years, Co-Founders Ronnie Hamilton and Jake Crocker have worked with countless groups and individuals to inspire postive change in the right direction. Ranging from at risk youth to homelessness, the Fortitude team has developed multiple programs and opportunities for fans and followers to give back to their communities. To learn more about our upcoming programs and opportunities to volunteer, please sign up for our mailing list below so we can stay in contact.

Help The Homeless 1/7/17

Throughout the year, Fortitude has been collecting donations for the Help The Homeless event. On Saturday, January 7th, 2017 we will be going out with a team of volunteers to spend some of our time with the homeless. We will be driving around the downtown Seattle area-focusing on giving out as many clothes, supplies and food to each and every homeless person we see. Our goal is to not only help them by giving them donations, but more importantly, spending time with these people and getting to know them. We need your help on many levels. The first being donations; we will need a series of volunteers to help gather donations for one of our Fortitude Reps to come and pick up. The next being organization; we will need a handful of volunteers to come help us organize, sort and package these donations to make it easier when we are giving them out to people. We will also need help cooking and preparing food for them on our run; all you will need to do is come prepared to cook and package-all food will already be there for you to cook (we do still accept food donations as well). Lastly will be a small team of individuals willing to go on the ride with us throughout Seattle on this cold night and physically hand these donations to them. Please subscribe to our newsletter or contact us at connect@fortitudelegacy.com to receive one of our applications where we can learn more about you and give you more information on this amazing event.


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