Fortitude stands for strength, integrity and courage. We mentor artists and entrepreneurs who possess these qualities and guide them on a path to attain their goals by training and endorsing them through our four divisions music, fashion, film and charity. Each artist/partner has been hand picked by the co-founders for exemplifying their strength and courage despite adversity. Our music division is the foundation of Fortitude. Its mission is to endorse and promote young artists looking to make an impact on the music industry with a unique and important message. Our visual division helps connect with and build lists of clients for young photographers, cinematographers and graphic designers looking to build a business for themselves in conjunction with managing Fortitude's in house visual needs. Our clothing division encompasses art, design and fashion and is the cornerstone of Fortitude’s branding opportunities. Each artist/designer will have the opportunity to create and see through to fruition a tangible product. We will promote an exclusive line designed by each in-house artist. Our charity divison speaks the most volume in terms of our mission. Beginning with Co-Founders Ronnie Dylan and Jake Crockers' "Help The Homeless" campaign in 2014, Fortitude has continued to provide over 200 meals, countless warm outfits and personal hygiene articles every Christmas night solely with the help of fans and followers volunteering their time and personal resources. Each Fortitude artist will be encouraged to foster their own charitable event as well, bolstered by their own fans and followers.